Hello there and welcome to my little hideout!
I'm Catherine, a 24-year old with a passion for creativity. In what areas you may think? Well, almost all areas. My passion for creativity ranges from creating colorful posters in Indesign and Illustrator to editing movies all night long in Premiere Pro. I like being creative in everything and in every form. Graphic Design, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, Content Creation, Social Media and Filmmaking. 

I'm a person that always try to take on challenges with a positive mind-set. Outside-of-the-box-thinking is the best thing I know, and I always try to implement this when creating, designing or capturing things!
I'm the founder of Qreative Studios Sweden AB, which is a small media production company that provides services mostly within photography, filmmaking and video editing.
I'm graduating from my bachelor's program New Media Design this summer 2021 and am currently looking for new adventures. Since I am planning on eventually studying to a master's degree this fall 2021, I am mainly looking for part-time, contract or free-lancing jobs!
Finished courses:
Business Planning and Entrepreneurship
Client-Side Programming
Graphic Design and Visual Communication
Graphic Design for New Media
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Korean for Beginners
Marketing Communication
Media Technology
Project Management and Methods
Research Methods in Computer Science and Informatics
Understanding Advertising
User Experience and Psychology
User Research
Web and User Interface Design
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