Hello there and welcome to my little hideout!
I'm Catherine, a 24-year old with a passion for creativity. In what areas you may think? Well, name on I don't like. My passion for creativity ranges from creating colorful posters in Indesign and Illustrator to editing movies all night long in Premiere Pro. I like being creative in everything and in every form. Graphic Design, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, Content Creation, Social Media and Filmmaking. 

I'm a person that always try to take on challenges with a positive mind-set. Outside-of-the-box-thinking is the best thing I know, and I always try to implement this when creating, designing or capturing things!
I'm the founder of Qreative Studios Sweden AB, which is a small media production company that provides services mostly within photography, filmmaking and video editing.
I have a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Informatics specialization New Media Design
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