Save Sam was a campaign project in collaboration between the design agency NY in Jönköping, and the program New Media Design at Jönköping University. The goal with this project was to create a campaign for an imaginary company, in our case a non-profitable organisation by the name Save Sam. The project team consisted of me Catherine Quassdorf, Elsa Andersson, Moa Strömland and Sara Klint.
The idea of the company Save Sam was to encourage followers on social media to change their lifestyle into a more environment-friendly life. This would be possible with the help of easy tips and tricks that would be published on Save Sam's social accounts. Through simple, eye-catching illustrations together with short and clear messages we believe that followers can easily adapt to the short tips that are presented.

The logo of "Save Sam" was created with the polar bear as the main mascot. This was developed with the goal to create a face to the name "Sam".

This is the chosen color scheme for this project with a focus on earthy pastel tones. A pleasant mix of more subtle colors together with a stronger orange color as a nice complement.

The campaign idea was to post a new, easy-to-follow tip everyday on Save Sam's social media accounts.
In the project there was also a requirement to create mockups of a website and an application. We created wireframes with a sleek design and a focus on simplicity to enhance the "easy" feeling of following the tips published.

The wireframes were designed both for smaller and bigger screens. The bigger design focus was on the application since we believed that the target group would most probably read the different tips on a smaller screen.

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